Alien Nation

Mexico US border by JR Artist 1 year old kikito near the tecate border
Image: French Artist; JR Francis


“Don’t look so shocked” he said;
I hadn’t got the heart to lie,
It is not widely known; how the poor, are getting by.

When, we crossed the US/Mexico border,
an eerie air of silence, in anticipation of their law and order.
Standing patiently waiting in the queue,
remaining speechless, seemed the safest thing to do.

Passports were scrutinised and checked,
wondering ‘what on earth’ would come next?
An alien world beckoned, as we approached,
inhabited by poor, starving and disadvantaged folk.

Countless Mexicans, had tried to escape,
but that was, their biggest mistake.
People smuggling, extortion and rorts;
many had died, according to reports.

Refugees, desperately trying to flee, by the thousands.
sneaking across, wild lands and dangerous mountains.
Hidden in the backs of cars and trucks,
left to suffocate, their misfortune and bad luck.

This being the first time, I’d encountered starvation,
Mexico for me, was a strange, underprivileged nation.
I cannot begin to explain the horrors I saw;
never having seen the needy and deprived before.

In our wealthy countries, as comfy as we are,
safe in our warm houses, owning flashy cars.
We may be in ‘self isolation’ but why complain?
when others are desperate, we should think again.

The weak and the vulnerable, have no welfare help,
if parents don’t work, their families don’t fare well.
Now this pandemic; threatens all around the globe,
I wonder how the poor are coping, as I pray in hope.
Victoria Healing ~ 20.4.2020
©Alien Nation


In 1990, I was a “Disney World” tourist. We took a day trip across the San Diego/Mexico border. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw there. I’ve never forgotten my first encounter, with a poverty stricken country. There is a lack of sufficient information from the media, about the Mexican peoples welfare, during the covid19 crisis, making me wonder; what is actually happening over there?

Image: French artist JR has placed the 70-foot tall image of a one-year old boy peeking over the edge of the US-Mexico border. facing the US and overlooking the Californian landscape. The child peers over the wall with curiosity and interest at land on the other side.
The project reacts to president trump’s recent reversal of the DACA program — a policy that protects eligible immigrants, who came to the united states when they were children, from deportation.

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