Together, While We’re Apart

Image: L Healing with Mr Grandson


Then, I won’t have to remind you how much we’re all missing our family gatherings.

There are many ways that we can still be in contact, with the marvels of social media, but this is still a terribly sad time, missing our loved ones. I’ve tried to find positive and practical ways, to fill in these lonely hours.

Recently, I’ve discovered a great way, to help me to cope and pass the time, by creating fantasy adventures with my family …

Our “imaginary story’ began, when chatting to my daughter, who lives two hours away from our town. To our horror, (because of you know what) they’ve closed and blocked our regional borders in WA.  Sadly, for us it may be months, before we see each other again.

In the meantime, to fill that huge void in my heart; I’d been looking back at our family photos. That has inspired me, to write an ‘imaginary’ story, about how, we can still be together, while we’re apart.

My daughter  and I chat every day, (btw, she is this amazingly talented photographer) She and her partner send me beautiful pictures of their daily life. That helps to fill that empty space, making me feel as though, a part of us is still there with them in living their daily lives.

Their beautiful boy, is one of my six gorgeous grandchildren, he is 6 years old and he has a new Puppy brother; who is an Amstaff named Charlie. We used to spend a lot of time together with my daughter and her family, travelling around Oz together. They are all the ‘lights of our lives’ Mr Grandson here and Charlie have such huge cheeky and delightful characters.

I began to fantasise in between chats with my daughter that Charlie could be recruited to work with the ‘Border Patrol’ teams. 

… and this is where our new imaginary adventures began…  


This is Charlie’s First Day on the Job.
Newly recruited Border Patrol officer, Charlie Amstaff, knows that his new job will be a little ruff. He gives us all a warning that;  “Spot checks will occur”

Image: L Healing. with Charlie


This is Mr Grandson with his furry nieces Roxy and Zoonie, at a family gathering.  He is the most natural Dog whisperer I have ever met. Here, he is reminding  Roxy and Zoonie:

“Let’s use Love, Kindness and Patience, to Hold us Together while we’re Apart”

Image: V Healing

Victoria Healing

April 5 at 7:13 AM · 

To be continued…

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