It’s the Small Habits

corona not stuck at home safe at home

Fighting valiantly,
for a sense of reality.
Everyone is asking,
‘How long will this virus be active?’

It’s obvious and clearly evident,
but terribly hard to accept.
This pandemic will never be over,
our way of life different, as we’d known it.

It’s the small habits that we change,
that can be rearranged.
Social isolation, restricted movement,
adds to our worry and confusion.

Acceptance is the key,
find a new order and strategy.
Devise a plan to keep in touch,
with loved ones, you must.

Support the vulnerable at risk,
do not rush or prejudge your mental rift. 
Life will not go on as before,
this pandemic is akin to a major war.

As our world undergoes a shift,
look for the silver lining of hidden benefits.
Victoria Healing ~ 30.3.2020
© It’s the Small Habits

Image: Becoming Minimalist

Rhyme Universe


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