Bedd Branwen

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“Answer my question,
have you learned your lesson? “
His eyes then fixed on hers,
as she tried to find her words.

“Would you give up everything for that man?”
as he reached out to hold Branwen’s hand.
It was an inquiry, but, there’d been no choice,
in an arranged wedding, she’d had no voice.

A marriage ordained with an Irish king,
a Welsh woman with vision in the greater scheme of things.
Her husband King Matholwch had treated her badly,
a cruel and abusive relationship, sadly.

Battles began with her groom and avenging brothers,
resulting in the destruction and downfall of others.
Branwen, was left broken hearted,
over the wars, she’d felt that she had started.

She, known as the Goddess of true Love and Beauty
alliance for her kingdom’s peace, was her duty.
She a protector of mistreated women,
offered her forgiveness in their offences of sinning.

Ancient evidence, proves this is a true tale.
only pregnant women survived that bloody war in Wales.
Branwen died, from insufferable despair and grief:
Answering his first question; “No, she wouldn’t leave”
Victoria Healing ~ 2.3.2019 .
Bedd Branwen

The Overlooked Goddess
Branwen is the ancient Welsh/Celtic Goddess of Love, Beauty and Forgiveness whose name means White Raven. She is also a major character of the famous book Mabinogi (Mabinogion). Although she is often related to folklore, there are some interesting pieces of evidence suggesting that the goddess could have been based on a real woman from history. The Bedd Branwen

The Bedd Branwen Period
A period of the Bronze Age is named after her – Bedd Branwen Period (1650-1400 B.C.). There is a ruined grave on the Alaw Riverbanks that is Branwen’s resting place. Archaeologists found two urns with human remains there; it is theorized Branwen was an actual person during the Bronze Age.

Image: Wendy Bishop

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