Happy Saint David’s Day


welsh to be born welsh is to be born priveleged

Happy Saint David’s Day!

“Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus” is how you say ‘Happy St David’s Day’ in Welsh.
The phrase is pronounced ‘deethe goil Dewi hapeece’.

Saint David is the patron Saint of Wales. Welsh people celebrated the life of St David on March 1st, by wearing a daffodil or leak and preparing traditional Welsh dishes, such as cawl and Welsh cakes. Many children also wear their traditional costumes to school. There are church services and the national flag is displayed prominently.

St David’s Day is not a public holiday, but some communities hold parades; in recent years there has been a St David’s Day Parade in Cardiff.
~ The History of Wales

Recognised annually since the 12th century, the Welsh occasion is the first day of the year we Britons celebrate one of our patron saints and marks the date of St David’s supposed death in 589 AD.

But why are leeks, doves and daffodils tied to the event and how is the day celebrated by the Welsh nation?

welsh st davids day children

Saint David’s Day

Forget not the darkened faces of Miners
The bluster of Working Men’s Clubs
The sweet voices from hardened faces
Chiselled by colliery dust.

The lilting grace of ‘Myfanwy’
Still in our mind we keep
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Through hill and valley deep.

The ghosts of Dylan Thomas, Nye Bevan
Ingrained in our heart
The meaning of what it is to be Welsh
All unique but never apart.

A tiny nation of emotive people
With hearts and minds together
Whatever adversity we would meet
We will be Wales forever.

Wales is not just a beautiful place
With welcoming hearts that are kind
Not just a name, a place on a map
Wales is a state of mind..

~ Dylan Morgan


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