The Visit


“But we can’t go in, it’s not really my place”


Sometimes, we would go to visit the Queen,

the most majestic lady, I ever did meet.

Sitting, on her stately throne, head held high,

to visit her was a privilege, a grand royal delight.


The atmosphere, static and motionless, silent,

it was good manners, we knew, to keep quiet.

Her palace was immaculate, pristine and clean.

a musky fragrance in mid air, set the scene.


Her hair was tightly plaited at back of her head,

an identical twin of Queen Victoria, let it be said.

Everyone would sit and glance at each other.

not a word would we dare to mutter.


She, who had commanded our respect,

as we sat quietly, not venturing to jest.

A china cup of tea and biscuits in our hands,

sat upright, muted, we could understand.


Her communication, a telepathic transmission,

“Sit quietly, absorb this stillness, listen”!

Her smiling eyes, stared curiously and intensely,

i had loved, admired and cherished her immensely.


Sadly, on our last visit we found her in bed,

just before she exhaled, her last breath.

We had taken our newborn baby ‘Steven’

she held her Great Great Grandson, dearly.


She “loved his old fashioned name”, she said.

the following day, sadly, she was Heavenly sent.

That was the first time, i had heard her speak,

her imperial blessing, means the world to me.


Dearest noble monarch and matriarch of our family,

She is my Great Grandmother, Queen Emily.

Victoria Healing ~ 14.6.2019

The Visit


To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
― Thomas Campbell


Her beautiful soul, will never be forgotten.

Forever in my heart

Emily Margetts (nee Wilcox) ~ 10.11.1889


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