To Nit, or Knot?

nan to knit or knot star girl


“Awesome, eh”?

“That’s beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like it.

it is quite amazing,  I am feeling excited”


Knit one, purl one, cast on or cast off?

Fisherman’s rib, stocking stitch or slipped knots.

Yarns of wool, scattered and strewn about,

while knitting needles clicked, in rhythmic sound.


Seated upon her plush, deluxe chair,

whiling hours of her time, she sat, knitting there.

Crafting vivid garments, in stylish fashions,

we knew that she had, had, an extreme passion.


She was a trendy knitter and garment maker,

teapot cosies and our heirloom, blankets creator.

Although, her ultimate talent and gift to boast,

was that she created, our iconic dolls clothes.


Measuring each doll by their shape and size,

producing up to the minute, her latest designs.

Nothing was too difficult or challenging for her,

mod dresses, Red Riding Hood capes and mini skirts.


Known for her artistic and personal approach,

she was always humble, we never heard her boast.

We each made a fuss and called her a star,

but remaining ever modest, she’d reply, “tra la la la”


If ever there was a good yarn to be had,

our Nan would be at the top of your class.

Pouring her love into each strand of her stitches,

how on earth, could I have missed this?


It’s ironic, as now that I’m looking back,

that she’d always give our scalps, a bloody hard scratch.

Shouting out “Have you got any visitors in there”?

if you’ve got “NITS” they’d better fall out of your hair!


This was my darling Nan, Beatrice Booker, who,

was my co-conspirator and guardian angel too!

Victoria Healing ~ 12.6.2019

To Nit or Knot?

nan best knit or knot .png
Image Credit ~ Growing up in U.K. 50s 60s 70s


Those that touch our hearts, stay in our lives forever.

In loving memory of my dear Nan, Beatrice Margetts (nee Booker) …

When someone you love becomes a memory, their memory becomes your treasure.


“Given good yarn, good workmanship, and good care, a knitted shawl can outlive its knitter, providing warmth and pleasure to several generations of family and friends.” ― Martha Waterman


Knit~ The word is derived from knot from the Old English cnyttan, to knot.

Did You Know ~ Studies have shown that hand knitting, provide several significant health benefits. The rhythmic and repetitive action of hand knitting can help prevent and manage stress, pain and depression, which in turn strengthens the body’s immune system”,[35] as well as create a relaxation response in the body which can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, help prevent illness, and have a calming effect. Pain specialists have also found that hand knitting changes brain chemistry, resulting in an increase in “feel good” hormones (i.e. serotonin and dopamine) and a decrease in stress hormones.[35]

Hand knitting, along with other leisure activities, has been linked to reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Much like physical activity strengthens the body, mental exercise makes the human brain more resilient.[36]

knitting can positively impact your life is improving the dexterity in your hands and figures. This keeps your fingers limber and can be especially helpful for those with arthritis. Knitting can reduce the pain of arthritis if people make it a daily habit.[2]

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One thought on “To Nit, or Knot?


    I know that line ‘Yarns of wool, scattered and strewn about,’ That used to be our house until P’s knitting stopped after repetitive strain issues to her hands. However, given the number of balls of yarn I find in each cupboard and draw I am sure it will start again. I love your posts of past memories, you should make a volume of them. Do you have children you can pass them on to?

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