The Good Old Days

family dad and mom uk young black and white
Charles Arthur and Mavis Irene Healing


We met; we married a long time ago,

We worked long hours and wages was low.

No telly, no bath, times really were hard,

Just a cold water tap, a walk up the yard.


No overseas trips, no carpets on floors,

We had coal on the fire and we never locked doors.

Our children arrived, no pill in those days,

And we brought them all up without any state aid.


No Valium, no drugs, no LSD,

We cured all our pains with a good cup of tea.

If you were sick you were treated at once,

Not fill in a form and come back next month.


No vandals, no muggings, there was nothing to rob,

In fact you were rich, with a couple of bob.

People were happier in those far off days,

Kinder and caring, in so many ways.


Milkmen and paperboys would whistle and sing,

And a night at the flicks was a wonderful thing.

We had our share of troubles and strife,

But we had to face it, that was our life.


But now, I’m alone and look back through the years,

I don’t think of bad times, troubles or tears.

I remember the blessings, our home and our love,

We shared them together,

And thanked God above.

~ Author unknown.


This poem was found hand written in my Father-in-laws bible, after he passed away.

These words obviously meant a lot to him.


In Loving memory of Charles Arthur Healing ~ 24.1.1929

and Mavis Irene Healing (nee Broughton) ~ 26.5.1930


family kev old days .jpg
Mavis Irene Healing with six of their nine children. Left to right back. Peter, Susan, John, Paul, and baby Mark. Front ~ Kevin Preston Healing. Missing from photograph ~ David, Linda and Karl.


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