Quizzy Called

quizzed adrian


“Your Starters For Ten”


There was a quiz night, happening next door,

i hadn’t ever attended one before.

Questions were going to be asked, i knew,

i was hoping, that i could answer a few.


Our odd looking host, appeared in colourful regalia,

cross-dressed between Ronald McDonald and Leo Sayer.

Bamber Gascoyne, he had wished to be,

sitting on a stool, with book perched on knees.


“Fingers to the buzzers” he then said,

“here are your starters for our tables of ten”

We each had to perform our own distinct roles,

intensive team work was to be involved.


In our quiz master’s research for questions,

a lot of sports and old movies were mentioned.

Subjects that i hadn’t known much about,

so quietly i had sat, looking around.


“I’ll have to hurry you” he then said,

drinks and hot food, are soon to be fed.

University Challenge, it was not,

i have to admit, that i didn’t answer a lot.


As the gibble and gabble went on,

many answers were marked up, as wrong.

As a game show host, our eccentric quizzer was fun,

although, i was glad when his questioning was done.

Victoria Healing ~ 27.5.2019

Quizzy called


Rhyme in Verse


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