May Days

may ill never fit in thats one of my best qualities mad hatters tea party
Image Credit ~ Mad Hatters Tea Party
-“–” — In Numerology

May Represents ‘FIVE

Welcome May,

You have an exciting assignment this month.

Let go of the old to make space for change.

Freedom and new adventures” are calling and you will have all the help that you need from the universe.

Pick a challenging goal, changing something about your self, improving your lifestyle or achieving success in a chosen area. Know what you want. Pay attention to the motives that give you the most excitement and then make it happen.

Tap into your sense of fearless adventure. Take risks and break old patterns. Still, beware that too many changes can bring chaos. Don’t scatter your potential; use your freedom in a productive manner.

Needless to say, even the best of us are scared silly when it comes to change. And then to change something without knowing exactly what’s next?

Yet that is what’s required in the month of May.

may freedom honey you are not part of the flock heart rehabe by five


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