in a Nutshell,

hazel never lose your sense of wonder the magic portal
Image Credit ~ The Magic Portal

… “Have you got any food” she called out,

“and medicine” cried another

Then, pour this into a liqueur, perhaps a tinge on vanilla ice cream,

warm and nutty, spoonful of delight, this is a coffee lovers dream.


Roast in the oven, crack open the shell,

sniff that aroma, this is good ‘brain food’ as well.


The medicinal benefits, of this delicious nut,

cannot be, over estimated enough.

Full of protein and nourishment for health,

magically charged and good for inner ‘self’


Ancient Celts had believed this nut to be,

from the tree of wisdom, poetic inspiration and creativity.

holding mystical knowledge in Ireland and Wales.

although, reputed to be poisonous to snails.


A handy tree to have around,

carved into travellers sticks, to tread rocky ground.

Giving protection and self defence,

whenever danger was looming and present.


Their unusual curly q branches, grown from shallow roots,

taking nine years to bear their delicious earthy fruit.

indulgence in a nutshell, providing healing, naturally,

all of this goodness comes, from the little Hazelnut tree.

Victoria Healing ~ 18.4.2019

In a nutshell

hazel nut groweres of oregon .jpg

Image Credit ~ Hazelnut Growers of Oregon

Eat hazelnuts when you are in need of insight or knowledge about something from a higher perspective. The hazel’s unusual branch formations make it a delight to ponder, and was often used for inspiration in art, as well as poetry.



Consists of twenty alphabetical symbols

(Ogham is pronounced “Oh-m” or “Oh-wam”)

Each sacred Tree symbol, represents a feeling, attribute or essence.

Image Credit ~ The Present Tree

Ogham Alphabet Symbol ~ HAZEL

Meaning: The KNOWER of wisdom and creative inspiration

Celtic Tree Alphabet: C ~Coll.

Rhyme in Verse


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