Return to the Trees

trees know how poem return to trees the hobbit

“How do you know?” demanded the priest!

“Because they are trained in Healing, how do you think?”

… The Celts, were a secret, ancient, Holy people,

skilled in healing arts, as our memory keepers.

Observing the skies and moon, by the trees,

deciphering, what, in nature, they had seen.

Marking their journey, through passages of time,

the Ogham Tree Alphabet, was their Oracle, divined.

Based on the idea, at the time of your birth,

this calendar revealed, personality traits and behaviours of earth.

The Ogham, they knew, was of the sacred language of trees,

observing all perspectives, towards fulfilling their needs.

Forecasters of war and peace, between clans,

to what timing was best to plant crops, in their lands.

as the guardians of ancestral traditions,

respecting animal behaviour, besides weather predictions.

Using this magical metaphor of trees,

had provided them, with all of their needs.

Today, there are only a few, surviving texts,

but their stories have passed down,

… from one generation to next.

Of scientists, theologians, healers and philosophers,

the Celts knew, that they had acquired Holy knowledge,

revered for their gifts, they have, never been forgotten.

Victoria Healing ~ 10.4.2019

Who Knew?

ogham sisters of the mists priestesshood of avalon it never too late to find a way back to who we were in the beginning.jpg

Image Credit ~ Sisters of the Mists –

THE CELTIC OGHAM consists of twenty alphabetical symbols.

Each sacred tree symbol, represents a feeling, attribute or essence.

Celtic Meaning Of Symbolic Trees

The largest number outside Ireland are in Pembrokeshire, Wales.[6]

The Ogham Tree Controversy:

It is not possible to be definitive on the subject of the Ogham. Be it the symbols themselves, scratched or riven into surviving rocks as names and memorials, or the trees and shrubs which were venerated and ascribed moon phases – nor the letters, which the symbols represented – be they consonants, vowels or dipthongs. Nor even, their order.

Rhyme in Verse

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