Pink side of the Moon

moon new in pink pink moon .jpg
Image Credit ~ New In Pink


Let’s not forget, to remember…

New Moon’s are for dreamers,


soul seekers,

and daydream believers.

charmed, by the magic of super natural Moon,

powerful synchronicities, become attuned.

Our dance of life, as never ending,

new phases are always, in blending.

April’s new Pink Moon, in waxing crescent.

symbolising growth and expansion, present.

Time is right now, to plant new seeds,

getting rid of the old weeds.

as blushing Moon, orbits the earth,

chances to recover, our own place of worth.

New Moon reading vow,

is to be, right here and now…

As Aries says, “I am”

Saturn replies, “as I wish, as then, so, I can”

Earth shines her glowing light, through,

as they, then leave the rest, up to you…

saturn 21. three moon esther bartkkiw whispers from soul .jpg
Saturn Image Credit ~  Esther Bartkiw – Whispers From Soul

Victoria Healing ~ 5.4.2019

Pink side of the Moon

Rhyme in Verse

moon pink 21.3 taking a gardening day today for the love of iris
Image Credit ~ For The Love of Iris



dreams wild visions raw apirite

April 2021

April’s full Moon will rise on the night of Monday, April 26, 2021. 

Traditionally called the Pink Moon, this full Moon will also be a spectacular supermoon! Here’s everything you should know about the Moon this month, including facts, folklore, and Moon phase dates.


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