Inner Sense

glasses see the world greyfeathers
Image Credit: Unknown 

She had…

…a pair of rose tinted glasses that she wore,
whenever her life had become an ordeal, or chore.
she began to look for the good, in the bad,
when feeling fearful, unhappy or sad.

She had…
a light switch that she could turn on and off,
when the circumstances of life, got a little too tough.
Facing head onwards, to challenges, twists and turns,
retraining her mind to focus on, all that could be learned.

She had…
recovered her own sense of ‘self’ since back then,
learning, that trials and tribulations, can be used for benefit,
when using, her own inner sense.

She had…
seen for her self, that blessings are sometimes hidden in disguise.

She had…

Simply, only needed… to open her eyes.

Victoria Healing ~ 28.3.2019

Inner sense

trial when life gives you cry smile rebel thriver
Image Credit ~ Rebel Thriver


Rhyme in Verse


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