Mastering, mind



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Can you Master your own mind?

can your reasoning, be well,… seen and defined?

What about your thinking views?

or does,  your “mind” become a little confused?


What are your goals?

what are your dreams?

what does ‘success’ mean to you and to me?

when we each see our life, so differently.


Some aim for a six-figure salary,

I look for peace, quiet and serenity.

Hearing whispers of the wind,

feeling the warmth of sunlight on skin.


The sweet fragrant scent of a rose,

those things, only happiness, knows.

To nurture  your ‘self’

masters your mind, as well…


Victoria Healing ~ 25.3.2019

Mastering, mind

Rhyme in Verse


3 thoughts on “Mastering, mind

  1. Hi Miriam, Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    Nope Nup, there is no such thing as a coincidence, in my book.
    You are so tuned in girlfriend. High fives, to new adventures and dreams coming true!


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