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Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, a neurological condition, where the ‘emotional transmitters’ (in my brain) have been damaged.

Which means, that I can have a difficult time processing feelings.

In other words, if I fail to manage my ’emotions’ well, then, I am at risk of an overload of nervous energy and stress, which causes my mind to crash (seize).

Could you imagine, a computer, which has lost its central processing unit? It doesn’t help that I am overly sensitive and feel emotions deeply too. So you can see it has been absolutely essential for me personally, to find real ways to cope with my happy, sad, angry and nervous reactions effectively. This is why I write.

Victoria Healing ~ Writing on

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 “Temporal Lobe Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that  illuminates the relationship between body and mind” . . .

This over stimulation enhances the normal functions of emotions 
and memory, causing patients to feel experiences unusually deeply, 
to imbue experiences with religious or moral significance and to 
record them compulsively in drawing or writing.  
In such famous sufferers as Dostoevsky, Tennyson and Lewis Carroll,  these traits may have contributed to lasting works of art” ~  
Otherwise known as "The Poets Trait" ~ Temporal Lobe Epilepsy 
spares essential functions like attention, concentration and 
critical judgement, all of which are necessary to sustain artistry, 
at the same time TLE predisposes people to such aspects of 
creativity and flexibility.  The combination of these two factors, 
unique to this form of epilepsy, may even intensify the ability to 
see artistically and  to transform that vision into art.” 
~ Dr David Bear, (Research ~ "Seized" ~ Eve LaPlante)

and this is why I continue to research and write on, thanks to Epilepsy… I learn something new every day.

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Epilepsy Support – New Zealand and Australia

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