Moons, shadow

moon she was like the moon part of her was always hidden sacred mists online wiccan college.jpg


In Tarot (18) symbolises: The MOON:

What aspects of yourself do you hide away?


Grow and develop, by combining body consciousness and control.

With realisation of ‘self’, all things are possible. This is a wonderful time for setting intentions, especially in our artistic and romantic lives, or where we are trying to learn to express ourselves.

At times like this, we need to be still, stop the external distractions and once again trust our inner self to see clearly the answer, which will determine our next move, thus ensuring we are staying on the true and right path in our journey through life.

The Moon is all about the subconscious mind and your shadow self. What lies within the depths of your mind? Set aside time to write in your journal, access your intuition and meditate deeply to discover the exciting insights that await you.

moon what a divine gift sleep is tarot numerology 18.9 poetry and soul musings jody .jpg
Image credits ~ Jody Doty Retner ~ Poetry and Soul Musings




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