Age, is just a number

celtic brighid happy to report my inner child agelsss


“Age IS Just a Number”
In with the older, out with the new.
age is just a number, what’s your point of view?
perhaps, a little frazzled now and frayed around the edges,
all accumulated from a lifetime of character building
and varied, challenging circumstances.
Strengthened by love from our family and friends through,
conditioned with some debate and a little sarcasm too!
a lifetime of of doing, what i ought…
i am, who and whatever ‘life’ has taught.
Some days i’m good, less days are sad,
a little bit nostalgic, excitable, then other ‘teeny tiny moments’ a tad bit rad.
we each have our own different points of view,
that is what makes me, me, and what makes you, you!
Past memories of career life, dressed up to the nines,
now i prefer casual and sloppy, that suits me just fine.
getting up in the mornings in my own time,
going to bed later, no clock in rules, to be paid out for dimes.
Loving this life style in our over fifty’s
although we have to budget and become more ‘thrifty’
It’s worth every minute that we now spend,
planning new adventures, hoping that they never end.
A great age, this is to be!
happy to be living life, less stressed and now, so care free.
Victoria Healing ~ 11.3.2017
Age is just a Number
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