You’re t h e r e

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“But, the dead have a language of their own. They communicate 
through signs, dreams, songs, coincidences and messages delivered 
in unexpected ways.” ~ Alison Dubois ~ We Are Their Heaven.

Listening inwards to the secrets of silence, i am drawn,

away from the rat race and high society living and norm.

Recognising, that in this separation, there is a form.

Never to be feeling, lost and in confusion,

that death and goodbyes are, just an illusion.

“I know that you’re there” i have said,

when i hear your voice in my minds ear, in my head.

Words that you whisper, i will never forget,

i’m always waiting to talk to you and ‘’yes’

“I know that you are here” whenever i am feeling down.

i feel your presence,  besides me and all around.

Hearing what you say,

knowing, that you haven’t gone away.

Treasuring these moments, precious in my heart,

remembering, that we can never, ever be apart.

if you are reading this,

you may have a ‘knowing’ too and you will understand.

Our loved ones, will forever remain, close at hand.

In waking slumber and dreams, they come to visit,

reminding us, that there really are, no heavenly limits.

Conveyed by thoughts, senses and feelings,

I’m forever thankful, that Mom’s passing…

was not about her ‘disappearance’

Victoria S Healing ~ 13.11.2018

I know that you’re there ~

“A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” —Unknown 

Hey Momma

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“You don’t actually get over things. You incorporate them. They become part of everything you are. But you change” ~ (ukn)

Rhyme in Verse

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