Swan Songs

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Image by: nadya-glo-433756-unsplash.com

“Our arms start from the back, because they were once wings” ~ Swan Lake


It has been said:

“that history has been written by the victors”

but look again, the dear faces of human kindness, ever flickers.

Holding up weapons of truth, justice and compassion,

reflecting back to earlier Celtic traditions and passions.


Considering my own family roots, in Welsh history,

I’ve learned about a ‘Swan song’ which is heard mystically.

Auspicious for you, they say, if you ‘see a Swan’

if you’re about to write a poem or words to a song.


In those old tales, of times now passed,

there was no death, our spirits will forever last’,

Those we love, don’t ever go away,

the swan’s feathers are there to remind us,

that they live within our hearts, each and every day.


So, if you feel lonely, lost, sad or in grief,

remember that our swan songs will last forever… endlessly.

Victoria Healing ~ 14.1.2018

Swan Songs ~ “Eala”

swan eala the hermits journey
*From The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


SWAN “Eala”

Soul. Love. Beauty.

Eala: Being associated with the Druid festival time of Samhuinn, the swan is also a bird of the threshold and represents that part of us which can travel to the otherworld.

The Swan reminds you to see with your heart and listen with your spirit


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