Blessings to ‘Each’ in us


“Each”  (The White Horse) – The Goddess, The Land, Travel”


Wholeness within, is a spiritual warrior’s quest,

discovering who we really are, is the ultimate test.

Bringing our own essence, alive into form,

expressing our selves, away, from society’s norm.


Retreating inwards, to discover our strengths,

letting light inside secret parts, needed to comprehend.

Practicing the art of doing, without doing,

deliberating our intentions, taking ‘time-out” for reviewing.


What is inside your heart, that, you’d like to pursue?


May the blessings of “Each” and Rhiannon, be by our side,

integrating inner parts, with those, that try to hide.

The spirit of “Each” calls us on our journey to travel,

inner, or outer, letting our true happiness unravel.


God speeds our energy with the power of land and sun,

where all of, our dreams are created and begun.

Finding our spirit and strengths with our ally as the “Horse”

spiritual Messenger “Each”  guides us forwards, on course.


Rhiannon is our Mother-Goddess there, inwards, to find,

directing life, birth, death, cycles through infinitive times.

In Welsh traditions, Rhiannon holds the key,

unlocking gateways to those secret mysteries, as you might seek.

Victoria S Healing ~ 1.11.2018

Blessings To “Each” in Us 

“Each” ~ (White Horse) and “Rhiannon” represent:  The Goddess, The Land and Travel”

In Welsh mythology, Rhiannon rides a white horse.

Poem inspired by ~ The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm)


The White Horse is the most common hill figure in England.They are often associated with the sun chariot, warrior-heroes and fertility The Celts believed the appearance of a white horse meant purity and spirituality. It symbolised light and goodness, power and wealth, and freedom.

The white horse is the Celtic Animal Sign for people born June 10 – July 7. The white horse is also the animal symbol for the Celtic Oak Tree Sign.

Rhyme Universe


Rune: Sowelo.

“Each” also shares the same message as the Rune Sowelo.

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