Lost Heroines

rune tiewaz child holding sword timothy-eberly-516789-unsplash.jpg
Timothy-Eberly ~ Unsplash


“Oh, come on,” said she, to those wanna be macho men,

“What about our female warrior heroines then?”

Myths, stories and legends, coincidentally lost,

but at whose heart, was that cost?


It’s not, all about manly, masculine bravery,

violence and bloodshed, is all, so unsavoury.

Womenfolk are true spiritual warriors,

“Why can’t we hear more about brave women and followers”?


Take a look back, search in times past,

the women assisted, their men to hold fast.

Their female intuition and wisdom, helped men make decisions,

but now they are famed, with mockery and derision.


This search was difficult, to find old myths and stories,

men have self sought their own fame and glories.

Little or no mention of women warriors, is given,

only in judgements, about whoring and sinning.


Yet, have no doubts or misgivings,

women were guiding almost all of their men’s missions. 

No, I’m not a supporter of women’s lib,

but, advocating that all true facts should be writ. 


Who will our young girls now, have to look up to and follow?

Most of their female heroines of today, appear fake and hollow.

Victoria Healing ~ 28.10.2018.

Lost Heroines

Poem inspired by searching to find any female Celtic heroines.


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