a ‘Secret’ calling ~ Cailleach


rune tiewaz kristina plotnikova with owls
Katerina Plotnikova photography


Cailleach the crone was a spiritual warrior, true

her animal guidance gave her secrets, to seer through.

yet another animal found synonymous with her

was the wise Owl, have you not heard?


A bird of wisdom, ominous, esoteric signs

holding sacred callings with our most Divine

as we approach, this eve of Samhain

reminders to us, about what happened, again.


Legends and history are written back there

of ancient goddesses who existed, to be fair.

Cailleach is another heroine of this story

sadly we’ve forgotten her traditions and glory.


She, the crone of the dark night,

who held super ‘natural’ powers and inner sights.

owls are creatures of knowing and wisdom,

esoteric, soulful, attuned with inner listening.


Reminders when, to way back in olden days

ancient Celts listened to wildlife and what they had to say

psychic, mystic, enchantress or witch

it is up to you, how do you? see that gift?

Victoria Healing ~ 28.10.2018

secrets, calling <~> Spiritual Warrior


The Sacred Faith

“When we let go of the belief, that we are greater than nature
we will find that material existence is not the where and with all.
Our ancient Celts treasured each part of this natural world
Myths stories, folk customs and sayings, all relate to animals
and the nature of world ” ~
(The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Car-Gomm)

owl rune tiwz britwitch

Celtic Wisdom of the Owl ~ (Gaelic ‘Cailleach-Oidhche’ ~ Crone of the Night)
Wisdom, Clairvoyance, Detachment.

“The Owl in Celtic Mythology ~ Spiral of death and rebirth.
The Owl, as its found within Celtic lore, is a creature of shadows and the Otherworld. Truthfully, the bird is rarely even mentioned in myth, legend, or folklore at all”

Owl teaches us the wisdom of turning adversity into opportunity. 
Twilight has been described as owl-light, and it is said to be ideal to go out for a walk in the woods at this time of night, to develop
a sensibility to the “Otherworld.” … and the inner soul of Nature. 
If you are attracted to a study of secret knowledge, working
 with the Owl as your ally will help you to do this. 
The Traditional Story of the Owl;
The idea that the Owl is ancient – is found in Welsh tradition.


The Owl is the animal which symbolises secret wisdom. There is a belief that if you

hear an Owl’s call this was an omen of a new birth or death. The Owl’s exceptional hearing enables it to pick out and swoop on unsuspecting prey during the night.

Numerology Daily Matters


Rhyme in Verse






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