FULL s t o p


Wyndham boab tree advice from a tree enjoy the views 3528123_993200960794142_8906770915822040416_o

it’s 6am in the morning

these rains have come yet again

sitting listening quietly, with blank white paper, poised with my pen

hearing loudly, noisy birds squawking in the trees

fighting to find their rightful place to, in shelter be

isn’t our life a little like that?

are we all fighting for survival?

hiding our real emotions under our hats

throwing out words, hoping our message is understood


is anyone listening, or paying attention?

oh, that would be so good.


I hear those raindrops, hitting softly on the ground

tinkly, sprinkly moments, of good life ‘real’ sounds

which made me wonder, is it in our ‘nature’ to stop, silently and stare?


taking a special moment

to S T O P listen, look and wonder

w h o

and what

is outside, ourselves,

write there…


Shark Bay Dogs an that listen closely with curious eyes .jpgVictoria Healing ~ 5.10.2018

FULL s t o p <~M~> Rhyme in Verse


Numerology Daily Matters


Rhyme in Verse



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