Lost in transit

quobba car lost in transit last


Meandering along, ohhh, So slowww…

Towing our little caravan… all packed and ready to rove.


Music volume, turned loudly up,

Listening to The Bee Gees

Butterfly feelings of excitement, we’ll never be rushed.


Engrossed with magical, tranquil, ancient scenery

This is the way that everyone “living”, should be

Stopping at another rest-point, taking a short break

Our furry babies, happy for more time, we should take.

quobba lost in transit do you know our way back from here

We share the driving,

Me from the passenger seat,

Hubby at the wheel

I find that this… is the better, steering deal.


Lost in transit, now which way should we go?

Looking for roads where, we don’t yet know.


Waves to our fellow travellers passing by

Nodding knowing glances, we all know why

All on our own road trip adventures galore

Hoping to meet again, when on our camps in this great outdoors.


Why not stop for a moment?

Wanting and needing to explore,

What is that signpost roadside, have we been there before?

Following red sandy dusty tracks to find out more


Lost in transit, oh, how difficult, this is to explain

As we prepare, a get up and go again.

You don’t need a lot of cash to live this style of life

Free and cheap camping would be my best advice.

quobba done point done this is how you phone a friend in the outback me at lighthouse find reception

Victoria Healing ~ 25.9.2018

Lost in Transit…


To be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

quobba lost in transit .jpg

3 thoughts on “Lost in transit

  1. Hi Kate, thank you for reading, glad you liked this and huge, high fives back to you, for taking the time to make such a wonderful Aussie connection for me, with Miriam.
    and yes… I spend half of my life travelling these days and the other half is spent, planning where we will travel to next. 😀
    Loving your amazing photography blogs as I wave back from here, to you xo


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