as I was saying

carnarvon if you want to be led astray follow me.jpg


Here are our musings of past months on the road,

better than material stuff, cash or giant pots of gold.

You can’t put a price, on these travel experiences,

new places to visit, carnal, sensory, adventurous, mysterious.


carnarvon life on the road isnt all plain sailing .jpg


In Carnarvon, there were torrents of storms and rains,

our caravan nearly sank, but still, enjoyment never waned.

Looking back at our caravanning  adventures,

although, some recollections, may have had to be censored.


Circumnavigating, with our instincts and senses,

primal, ancient impulses are recalled and re-invented.

Victoria Healing ~ some times in June 2018

As I was saying

carnarvon happiness is in the eye of the beer holder.jpg

To be continued >>>>>>>>>>


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