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Back home again, although…

much too early, it seems

When we’ve spent the last three and a half months on a fun road trip, trekking away with our dreams.
Running up and away from winter in pursuit of the warmth, of the bright shiny sun
And we have found that, in this, we are not the only ones.

Freshwater, Quobba Point and Coronation Beach,
We had found ourselves…
Enjoying magnificent beaches, fishing and snorkelling in the seas.

Amazing sights that we saw on our way back up to Exmouth again
To catch up with our fellow nomad community of gypsy friends
On the roads you will meet so many happy folk
So then sometimes, you never ever want to go back home.

Travelling, is a refreshingly different way of life
When you head off sight seeing, you have the freedom to do just as you like.
Now, we’ve returned back from our last road trip
Stir crazy in suburbia
I could easily give this home imprisonment ‘confinement’ the ‘flick’

Many more happy memories from this holiday and more tales to tell
But you could appreciate this ode so much more
If YOU did it, as well

Victoria Healing ~ 15.9.2018
The answer is…

travel caravan world if it involves campfired count me in .png
Image: The Barefoot Five

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