Taking notes


poem my wish for you a poem .png

I think that each day,

everyone should read or write a love letter, quote or a poem.

words from some perpetual dimension, to keep your spirits in the zone to ever flowing.


It’s a feeling of cool calm, relaxed, but alert,

words streaming, reading, scrabbling chats back, to focus on all that they are worth.


Deep within the flow of prayer, thinking and calm,

evocative senses of deep meditation, aligned with a sprinkling of stars.


Moonbeams and magic glimmer through,

sighing in awe as you interpret messages, seemingly sent to you.


Ethereal worlds of magic, mystery and dreams,

sometimes, bursting forth, exploding at the seams.


Words perpetually pulsing through your veins,

like hurricanes they urge onwards their letters to be saved.

Lost in writing, surreal, with divine intervention,

beckoning forwards on invisible pathways of purpose and intention.


Try not to circumnavigate, misinterpret or evade those words,

sensing that flow, listening in intently to what you have just heard.


Memos, rhymes or verse, whatever you may choose,

when lost in the depths of writing poetry, there is nothing to lose.


Spellbound by words, charmed by a verse,

freedom of feelings, filling your heart with wonders and mirth.

Listen intentionally to what you are hearing,

Then pay attention to your feeling-isty feelings.



Victoria Healing ~ 6.5.2018

Taking Notes

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