Waiting on YOU

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is”   ~ C.S. Lewis

Just Watch



We can spend it

We can waste it

We can try to hold it back!

We can look forwards to its relevance in the future

What, when, where and why…


Is ‘this’ concept I’m writing about?


may travel caravan memorie .jpg


Don’t you remember

That those hands of time, keep on passing by

Have you ever asked yourself, why does it fly?


When will those little rotating suckers ever stop?

We can’t ever buy back this time again

All of our priorities, shouldn’t be forgot.


Time how did it get so late so soon.png


Time is precious shouldn’t we all think?

Making it count,

Doing our own favourite things.


What is it that ignites your hearts fire?

What are your needs?

What are your desires?


How many days?

How many years?

Will our time’s eventually be mislaid in a long lost and sorry blur?


time lovepaperplane.png


Don’t hold back on things, you’ve always wanted to do

The hands of time won’t stop…

Just… waiting for you.


Cram your days with those things that you enjoy

Consider your favourite bucket lists, goals and urgent ploys.


Don’t sit watching these precious days go by

Because you must know, that all of our time here

Will just quickly fly


plane dreams no words be both soft and wild like petal dream 22366423_1896712713690772_1903633690901976452_n.jpg


“Time is of the essence”

These era’s will keep turning around.

Bring your dreams and desires then

Down to earth and touch base with solid ground.


Don’t waste a second… just yearning for

The moments of happiness that YOU desire,

I implore.

time is precious spend it with the right people.png

Victoria Healing ~ 4.5.2018

Just waiting on you

“Every calendar’s days are numbered”


time come sit with me no agenda no sensors barefoot five


3 thoughts on “Waiting on YOU

    1. What an honour 🤗
      Thank you Mr Guy I am feeling highly spirited now, inspired by you, and your magical mastery of words. You, yourself are highly prized in my book, thank you for your support and encouragement

      Liked by 1 person

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