Riddle me why, answer me this?


kite is it a bird for some its supremacy for others anotherday kite flying lancelinAs they can hover above,

And are known to be buoyant and soar,

Sometimes they swoop down to the ground,

In order to explore.


Magnificent and graceful,

Centred, floating and seemingly forever pace full.

Twisting and turning,

Adaptable and flexible

Yet discerning.

kite the optimist wonders how high pessimist how soon .pngFlying high up in the sky

With a calm and peaceful mind



I think, would be their wise advice.

Natural and respectful,

Gentle and kind…


What do you think that I could have in my mind?


They each have an identical name

I believe the feelings would definitely be the same.


Some are made of paper;

Another type has wings

Or perhaps a parachute, attached to durable knotted strings


Then can you riddle me this?

Why do we use the same title to list?

These different types of ‘things

Have you guessed the answer yet?

Is there something that you’d suggest?

Well I’d imagine by now, you’ve recognized this quest

Should we put these questions to a test?


Is a “Kite”? a small Eagle bird?

Attached to a board,

or a made of paper

… kind of word?


What does it mean to you?


Have you thought?

I think that all of these ‘Kite’s’

Are all awesome anyway and that is my answer and report.

kite is it never tie your happiness to someone elses kite .pngVictoria Healing ~ 21.4.2018.

Riddle me why?

Rhyme in Verse

“When fears are grounded, dreams take flight”





kite is it the bad news is time flies the good news you are the pilot.png


KITE’s  are raptors like the Eagle. The message here is that we should always remember to try to look at the big picture and to see things with clarity.


In the endless reaches of the North West of Australia there exists another world known as the Kimberley’s. A place that is unlike any other I’ve seen. This ancient country is secretly hidden in plain sight of the red ochre sandy Desert. There, I find, that life is so much simpler, wild and rugged.

It is here that we get to see multitudes of Kites (birds) hovering above. If you should ever have a chance to watch them in flight you would be spellbound too.


kite is it less flapping more flying .png


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