Where’s Quolly?

quolly is is me you're looking for.png


“Motherhood has a very humanising effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials”

~ Meryl Streep

quolly the great gift of human beings is that we have empathy

“If we can confirm a breeding population up there, we’re really 
getting somewhere” ~ Carnarvon Station Reserve 


quolly cute alert.png

In a sunburnt country at the top end of Oz,

There is a desperate mission to save our native indigenous Quolls…

Chased away from their remote scrubland bush homes.

These tiny Aussie battlers used to fossick, run around and roam,

quolly a good man is hard to find.pngForaging in remote woodlands, scrub and deep under ground

The girls are desperately seeking males, but sadly none can be found!

Their family, friends and suitors have all long gone

This is unacceptable, sad and so wrong!

quolly the measure of success how we leave the world for the next generation.pngLively, attractive small bush marsupial animals,

Brutally wiped out by those newly introduced cannibals.

Of all God’s creatures, great and small,

Most people want to save a Lion or a Tiger, but what about a tiny Quoll?

How could you not love these little guys?

Cute pink pointy nose, little round ears, big bright pleading eyes.

When I found out about these little dudes, I just wanted to cry…

quolly here I am where I ought to be .png
A Quolls home is in the Bush

Look at this adorable little face; she has so much to say

Can you help us Aussies to save them; there must be some way?

A sad story about mans cruelty and inhumanity

Changing the natural habitat for their control and vanity.

European settlers many years ago

Imported foreign animals, deciding that these friendly, outgoing local Quoll’s should go.

Quolly control the sad thing no one is doing anything to save them .pngJust like the Tassie Tigers these little guys will soon be extinct

Can we all help to bring our small Quolls back from the brink?

Another little eco engineer on God’s earth was made;

Why introduce foreign animals that just want to kill, destroy and invade?


Too soon, these little critters will only be found in myths and legends

I hope and pray that we could try to stop this tragedy from happening.

quolly peek efficiency .pngVictoria Healing ~ 19.3.2018

Where’s Quolly? ~ Hey Momma

quolly I once was lost but now Im found .png






“Get to know our incredible quolls while you can. Australia’s four quoll species face an uncertain future due to ongoing threats from habitat destruction, feral cats and foxes, cane toads, and disease. Saving these special animals from extinction will be a long and difficult task, but the prognosis is not all bleak” ~ QuollSA


quolly dude here I am caught snoozing.png  


Perhaps, the only documentary you will ever see about Quolls.


“The Wunambal Gaambera traditional landowners have lived and hunted
 here for thousands of years and call it Uunguu – their living home.
 Everything in Uunguu (all the plants, animals and culture) is 
precious and must be looked after properly under traditional 
Wanjina and Wunggurr Law”

quolly what animal, bird or insect have you seen today.png

Possum responsibilities

Numerology Daily Matters


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