Game on


playstation listening ears .png

‘Just play have fun and enjoy the game’ ~ Michael Jordan



We each have a play-station, that costs nothing to use,

A ‘built in’ console where you don’t need controls, plugs or a fuse.

Play each day to your own thoughts as they come.

Reloaded, programmed, synced to your desires, yahoo, automatically it is done.

play station jog your meory.pngA totally portable free network to stream,

See’s you on Face-time…

This is the podcast of your wildest dreams.

Sit back relax, to download those games in your head

No app is needed, just ‘listen-in’ instead.

Why do people ask what I was thinking, when I write these poems?

Well, I just listen in to my free audio book and let the words keep on flowing.

playstation free audio book.pngWe each have a guardian of these realms,

Transfer your final fantasy, to place within your self.

Where is your x-factor, do you know?

Tune in to this and go with your own flow.

playstation friends to the core last guardian.pngThose fun and games that people play

Browsing will show you, your own way,

Just sit back, observe and listen, to what they all have to say.

Victoria Healing ~ 7.2.2018

Games On ~ Hey Momma

playstation step up to your game final fantasy.png“The key to sustained happiness is to connect to others, to be kind, and to tap into a sense of belonging.” ~ Simon Thomas

Find your perfect game

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Just play

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