Heads up

Heads up

aboriginal art heads up two birds one tree
“Two Birds, One Branch” 
This paintings is about True Reconciliation in this Country. Acknowledging the Past, Healing together and moving towards a better Future.
'In this painting the White & Black Cockatoo must learn to live 
together, learning from each other, Respecting each other. 
Only then can they share the same branch together'  
(Available for Purchase) Iluka Art & Design [-o-]


I can’t help but think, that in some ways

‘Australia Day’ is an educational day

When all Australian people are divided,

Now that I can see why…

The audacity of these celebrations causes invasion day campaigners to become reunited


Black and white, rich or poor,

We are all beginning to want and learn so much more

About what the oligarchy should be sorry for.


aboriginal history soverein union .png
Truganini  https://g.co/kgs/YgXRVd
In her lifetime, she saw her people decimated by murder and disease but refused to be a passive victim.


Sadly, not an ideal way to promote and educate,

Although it is pertinent that thankfully at last, we will all have a debate

With reference to the tragedy and misappropriate timing of this date.


May all of us new Australian’s have our ‘own’ commemorative day

A celebration of privilege, to be living in this lucky new country

In a respectful, moralistic and humble, ethical way’


aboriginal waringarri aboriginal arts out of respect
Waringarri Aboriginal Arts
For the second year, artists, workers and community members involved with Waringarri Aboriginal Arts have chosen to skip the Australia Day public holiday and continue to work. “Out of respect for our elders we will not celebrate this day”, Dora Griffiths, Chair, WAA.


So, who’s sorry now with all of these protests and shouts?

Rallies around the country, reminding us of the facts…

Our Aboriginal people ARE the traditional TRUE owners of these ancient lands


aboriginal iluka art & Design
Many may not know but the traditional name for the Didgeridoo is “Yidaki ~  (Available for Purchase at Iluka Art & Design [-o-] 

Commercial news and media in a misinformation, frenzy and furore

They can’t stop Australia and the whole world, from wanting to learn more.


History has long been hidden under the covers,

But on Australia Day, more and more people will discover.


Lest we forget’ is the Australian Aboriginal people’s tribal cry…

Millions of Aussies are now beginning to watch and wonder why?


aboriginal art emu country iluka art & Design.jpg
Iluka Art & Design [-o-]
“Emu Country” 
Something special about this one

Listen to the news,

Those media views

Propaganda is rife,

But historical facts show that there WAS blood, domination and great sacrifice.


Hundreds and thousands are now joining in these chants,

More history is being uncovered…

About the pillage and profits from native man and land.


I am not an Aboriginal person, but let this be said,

I want to know more about the ‘facts’

I refuse to bury my head.


Victoria Healing ~ 26.1.2018

Heads up ~ Hey Momma

aboriginal yidaki player the traditional name for didgeridoo .jpg
Iluka Art & Design [-o-]





aboriginal art iluka art & design


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