The Invaders

australia day demonstrate dont celebrate

Australia day is looming; fake flags are being sold out;

shameful invasion, genocide, massacres, WTF are they gloating about?

Apologies should be given on this day instead,

for stealing young children from their family beds.


Bringing guns and judgements under the guise of the church,

tell me now? What was that all worth?

A displaced nation, their culture ignored, misunderstood,

think about those horrific crimes if you would?


Why aren’t we saying sorry?

in memory of a terrible day, that came with no good.

Gifted, spiritual people who hold ancient mysteries,

why have they been forgotten in the invaders history.


I, for one, would never be wrapped up in an Aussie flag,

I’ll be remembering our ‘traditional owners’ of this ancient land.

No snaggers on the barbie for me, no shouting yahoo,

I’ve researched this tragic history,

How about youse?

Victoria Healing ~ 21.1.2018

The Invaders

one pound mob.png
Jandamawra’s Art Exhibition ~ Kinship Jandamarra’s Art


Rhyme in Verse




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