Sacred Lands

Kakadu earth is a land of plenty, still wilderness gone wild .png 

Northern Territory Road Tripping

Planning a road trip through central Australia, heading up North and inland to the big red rock at Uluru;

We’re mapping our directions and itinerary, Up through Darwin, then Katherine, to see wonderful sights new.

Then we’ll set off to see the picturesque red sands, of our National Park at Kakadu.  


Looking forwards to seeing our famous iconic red rock,

as the sun, sets, I’ve heard colours are ever fluctuating, like prisms, as it gets dark.

Taking our route through the Tanami Desert outback,

making sure that the roads are sealed, so, that we don’t get bogged on tracks


Planning what season and month we should be there?

As we go off travelling in July, we’ll take lots of photo’s to share.

I’ve wanted to visit Uluru for over thirty long years,

now we have a caravan to savour and enjoy the journey there.


We didn’t want to fly up on a plane,

We’d miss this diverse landscape and scenic beautiful range.

Not sure how long this journey will take?

It doesn’t matter for us; we have no work commitments to make.


Checking out boarding kennels for our furry girls,

No dogs allowed in These National Parks, those are the rules.

We couldn’t leave them at home, for such a length of time,

when they are with us, that they are just happy and fine.


We’ll meet new indigenous people, to learn more about their culture,

fascinating, awesome, soul enriching,

I love to know more about their ancestral treasures, dances and fortunes.

Victoria Healing ~ 3.1.2017.

Northern Territory Road tripping

kakadu the earth was young once, for some it still is. For some perhaps it is old
Kakadu. A great performance by the Karrbarda (yam) dancers from Gunbalanya (Oenpelli)



Kakadu National Park is an enormous, bio diverse nature reserve in Australia’s Northern Territory. With terrain encompassing wetlands, rivers and sandstone escarpments, it’s home to some 2,000 plant species and wildlife from saltwater crocodiles and Flatback turtles to birds. Aboriginal rock paintings, dating to prehistoric times, can be viewed at sites such as Nourlangie,Nanguluwur and Ubirr.

Kakadu Tourism. The Spirit of Kakadu Page Liked · July 16, 2015 · Edited · Get excited for the upcoming Mahbilil Festival held on September 5 this year! The annual festival
The name Kakadu may come from the mispronunciation of Gaagudju,
which is the name of an Aboriginal language formerly spoken in the northern part of the park. This name may derive from the Indonesian word kakatuwah, (via Dutch kaketoe and German Kakadu) subsequently Anglicised as “cockatoo”

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