Fluorescent Green Shorts…

Green Shorts Finn and Kev getting ready

Our Christmas season is a unique and priceless event,

Especially when you have the blessings of becoming a grandparent.

christmas green shorts family outside

We went out to visit our daughter and family on Christmas day

We had so much fun and laughter, especially watching our boys at play.

Pedalling away in the park with their new Green bikes,

Wearing matching fluorescent Green shorts, that they had liked.

christmas green shorts finn on bike

I couldn’t count in dollars how much my heart melts,

Smiling, laughing and happy, so much joy and awe we all felt.

christmas green shorts kev and finn on bike

Back to our daughter’s, it was only a short walk,

Turkey, roasters and a huge giant ham they had bought.

So much love had been added to our feast

Our celebratory dinner was so yummy and nutritious to eat.


Pulling red sparkly crackers around the table together,

Corny jokes and trinkets, paper hats on? No, not me, never ever!

Sharing a delicious, home cooked Christmas dinner…

Oops, you know, that I won’t be getting any thinner.

christmas green shorts family togetherHow can words ever describe, spending these precious moments with your family at Christmas time?

I don’t care what others do, or think,

For me these times are more treasured than any other material blingy things.


Good fortune for me, I took some prints;

Now I can reminisce back, to get my love fix…

christmas green shorts in pool kev and finn .jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 5.1.2018

Fluorescent green shorts ~ Hey Momma

and here is some sage advice on Christmas day, from our Mr Wilson 
and Jordan... 

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