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How to decipher your Dream Symbols for 

Do you have a “Dream Dictionary”?

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.I think of these in the same way as a computer processes daily input.

They are just clearing your mental and emotional clutter about your day’s happenings and rerunning your experiences. You should identify these dream messages easily. These dreams are helping to alleviate any of your concerns.


You usually have one teaching dream a night, usually these dreams prepare you for what is going to happen the next 24 hours. Many discoveries and inspirations have come from these higher levels of teaching dreams

Problem Solving

These are dreams you have asked for. Learning how to program dreams and understand their messages is one of your most valuable inner resources.


This dream will give you a glimpse into the future. You instinctively know when you receive these dreams. As you learn dream symbols you will be able to read your messages more clearly.

Prophetic or visionary

This type of dream comes from the mystical levels of awareness. It may have a personal message or contain a universal truth.

Outside Interference

This dream is produced when something in your physical environment is disturbing you and is getting incorporated into your dream story. This also applies when falling asleep watching TV.

Anatomy of a Dream

Dreams usually present themselves in three steps.

  1. Time reference ~ example: If you are shown a house where you lived as a child, the house will represent old ways of thinking that started back then.
  2. They will show you how the problem is manifesting itself in your life now.
  3. They will present a solution to the situation, or how you can learn from and move beyond the challenge that is limiting you.

Always remember that YOU are your best interpreter!

dreams be both soft and wild

Have you got your Dream Dictionary’s ready?

Your interpreter ~ 22.12.2017

(All info taken from “The Dream Book’ ~ Betty Bethard)

Good Night


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