journals for the future


Do you have your Dream Journal handy? have you looked back at any of those memoirs?

This is my personal example of Dreams Journaling, but you will find your own way of recording your messages.

I checked back to one of my old Dream Journals (4.10.2010).

This is the ‘dream recording’

dreams sometimes dreams are wiser than waking 18922161_1518543861500434_2830179061960488858_nEXAMPLE ~
I had written: ‘I was walking with my Granddad in a magical, mystery castle, finding treasures, saw a picture frame with a poem written to my Mom.

Dream Symbols Interpretations:

Castle ~ “Reach for your dreams, bring them into reality”
Grandfather ~ Wise, mature, masculine part of self
Treasures ~ Talents, abilities, creative powers, gifts.
Mother ~ older, wiser, more mature part of self.
Picture ~ How you are seeing things at this time, a picture to awaken a past memory.
Frame ~ There is no interpretation, but I felt that this was a ‘sign’ to particularly write and remember this dream.
Poem ~ Inspiration, creativity, message from guidance.

I always tune into my dreams and see them as an adventure. After waking up, I always note my dream messages straight away. (if I had any) and then I would have fun decoding them, so this then became my daily secret habit. I haven’t shared these dreams with anyone else before, I am using them as an example to show you what it is like to have your own private, personal counsellor, to guide you on your journey.

This method has always helped me through any challenging times. Now today, the funny thing, looking back in hindsight, is that, at the time of the dream, I hadn’t thought about writing ‘poetry’ and now it is my hobby. Then, over the years, my family and friends have always asked me for ‘dream interpretations’ because they know how passionate I am.

So, coincidentally, I am now wondering is this message ‘timely’ for our Dream Weavers group? Could this have been a ‘precognitive or visionary’ dream?
‘Reach for your dreams, bring them into reality’
What do you see?

This to me, is why it’s so important to write our dreams down and date them, because I hadn’t understood, the full interpretation at that time, now 7 years later, under different circumstances, I see a new message. I would love to say, that I’ve got everything figured out, but I am always learning and evolving. What do you think?

Dreams teachers 18922161_1518543861500434_2830179061960488858_n

Future Dreams ~ 22.12.2017

The dream book, Betty Bethards

Good Night

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