Peddling used bikes

peddling used bikes

christmas bike sales go in cycles


When my dear hubby was just a young lad

There was one thing for Christmas, he asked for, from his Mom and Dad.

A ‘brand new bike’ that would be so cool and good

He was hoping and wishing for this, if, he just could.


Now back then he was one child from a family of nine,

So his parents put a question to him, to think about, before he replied.


‘Yes you could have a brand new bike

We would love to get you one, if that is what you’d like.

But then consider this, that on the other hand

Your brothers and sisters would have to understand.

christmas bike when in doubt pedal it out.pngFunds are so short within such a big family,

If you have a brand new bike, there’d be no gifts for your siblings to be left under our Christmas tree.


Cash is tight and we don’t have a lot

Consider these options, whether you still want a new bike or not?

A second hand bike, now yes, that we can do!

Then your brothers and sisters can enjoy some Christmas gifts too.


Well right then and there, he didn’t think about those choices too hard

‘Yes, he said I’d be happy with a second hand bike, can Santa please leave one in our back yard?’


So now it is 2017 and he’s a fully-grown man.

And we went shopping today and now, you may guess what he has had?

Santa had decided to get him a brand spanking new bike

It is bright fluorescent green and I know that he will like.


Looking forward, to our morning on Christmas day,

Hubby will be out on the streets with the young children cycling away.


So the message in this story is that we should always consider others,

Have love, compassion and concern for all of our sisters and brothers.

christmas eight, I'd like to live as a poor man with lots of money framed.png
Pablo Picasso said this, pictured here with his daughter

Victoria Healing ~ 8.12.2017

Peddling used Bikes ~ Hey Momma

‘The best ‘wealth’ we can ever own is not the ‘kind’ stored in a 
bank, or spent on stuff. True wealth is better spent on caring and 
kindness and is stored in the heart’ ~ Anon


six christmas framed 4 stages of man, believes in santa, doesn't believe, dress like santa, looks like santa.jpg






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