App’y Birthday

birthday Jake framed downloaded 100% apps olutley streamed downloaded 100 per cent totally awesome .pngHappy 11th Birthday to our Mr Jake (alias techno man)
>Log in here< > To know, how much we love you because,
>Password< > Our wonderful, smart, intelligent, genius, young man,
>Enter< > You always have so many gadgets and Apps in your hands.
>Save< > So proud of you and in all that you do,
>Format< > Streaming and uploading
>Send< > Messengers of our hugs and Love through.

> File< > Been looking up a few tech words and app directions,
>Edit< > How to keep linking our special grandson with terrabytes of Wifi
cyber love and surf net ‘plug in” connections.
>Window< >Although, you know, we are not so digitally up to date,
>Bookmark< > We didn’t want to be late, on your special day to celebrate.
birthday jake is that cake we can sniff?.png
>Stream> > Your mega Update Here ><
>Cast< > A Big Happy Birthday. net. com with lots of Birthday cheer.
>View< > + Love Googles from Nanny and Poppy ~ 7.12.2017
Jake nanny google apps .png

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