Hyper Graphic

3 framed writing is a painting of your voice

(Hypergraphia - intense desire to write or draw)

All of those thoughts, inside our heads

thrashing around, ideas and feelings need to be expressed

Especially at times of dismay, upset and troubled emotions

jotting notes down;

to be written, released and loudly daily out spoken.

Keeping opinions as a prisoner in your own mind

or perhaps this is just that our Epilepsy demands to be refined?

Why do these words always come about in rhyme?

writing poems, calms, soothes, heals and helps us to read, between lines.

Where to print them?

i don’t know …

i just jot them down all over the place and then let them flow.

Does it matter how I feel?

well yes, it does, it’s all about keeping life ‘real’

Helping to find your own solutions,

without the added factor of external intrusions.

8 framed writing if not now when framed

Victoria Healing ~ 22.11.2017

Hyper Graphic ~ Hey Momma

Planes and hush ups

Epilepsy Support – New Zealand and Australia

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