once upon my time in India

Image Credit ~ The Eyes of Children Around the world


Since childhood, i’ve always wondered

“why am i here”

‘what is the meaning of life?


In the 1990's, I was privileged to be invited to visit India 
to attend the annual 'World Peace Conference' which is hosted 
by The Brahma Kumaris at their World Spiritual University. 
(A World Peace Initiative on behalf of the United Nations)


This conference was where, I found some ‘Peace in Mind’

the lesson, that made so much sense to me.

“Keep your life ‘Simple’

“Find your own unique ‘Creativity”

“Take a ‘responsibility’ to help your fellow neighbours in deed”


If we each understood this easy philosophy

we would be contributing in our own way

towards creating a world ‘united’ in peace and harmony.

Victoria Healing ~ 24.2.2019

Once upon my time in India



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