Son Shined

14242454_1245751652144140_2514755609965003993_o (1)

‘You can pick your friends ~ but not your family’ it has been said
makes me wonder about this topic instead

family means everything to me
my best friends and teachers showing me
the best person I can be

‘Just as the ‘Sun’ is an important energy for Earth’

So was my son, from the day of his birth.
he made me laugh, he made me smile
his practical humour was always his style!

Lancelin natural high 13029696_1145741722145134_7434172990106494820_o (1).jpg

Our family joker who liked playing tricks,
‘jesting’ at his ‘relations,
to give us all a sarcastic, laughter fix!

Some times he pressed my ‘buttons’ a bit
when he asked me to ‘make his dinner’
he knew that was my ‘trigger’ button switch.

Taking the mickey out of his dad

who had the macho male habit bad.

But that was only a joke and ploy,

I love my men to bits, they are both my precious boys!

first learn stand then learn fly.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 6.9.2016
Son Shine  ~ Lancelin

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