There’s Skimpy


Shark Bay today is a good day kev .jpg
Hubby, waiting, in anticipation


Have you ever seen a ‘skimpy barmaid’ working in the pub?

Well, here is a new trend and the latest style of job…


Young female backpackers in bikinis, were seen sweeping up our campgrounds site,

Skimpy they were… to all of our male’s delight!


When hubby discovered this new ‘eye catching’ view,

Well he just had to head over closer that way, as most men would do!

Coincidence then, how all of those men were hovering around?

All of a sudden, they were converging and puffing up their chests, to that part of our campsite grounds.


It was funny to see them all  dashing over, to get a better look…

Glints in their eyes, trying to look like young virile and handsome bucks!

Sucking in their bellies, standing up tall and straight…

Hair groomed and slicked, hoping for a closer gawp, you could see them anticipate!


Is this the new camp grounds uniform? … most women thought…

Imagining that our husbands must have wished that they would, should and ought

Although I heard one of their staff members, chortle and say…

“Oh dear me, if they make me wear a bikini, then our campers will definitely run away”


When their job was done, those skimpy sweepers went off, on their own way,

All of the men then, disappeared back to their caravans, hoping those young girls would appear again, every  day.

Bikini men only look at covered parts.png


We’ve been travelling around Australia now, for many years,

Now I hope to see some skimpy men and we women, get our own eyeful of perks!

Victoria Healing ~ 4.9.2017.

Skimpy Sweepers ~ Victoria Healing


*Skimpy ~ In Australia, skimpy describes revealing, scantily clad women.

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