Rain on

Rainbow, no rain, no rainbows.png

In Australia today, it is the first day of spring, in the new month of September

Bucketing down in floods of showers, but then I remember…


I love the sound of downpours of rain
As they sprinkle and tap onto windowpanes.
Just sitting here with my morning tea
Paying attention … quietly.

Then hubby came outside and said,
“Bloody weather
I’m going back to bed’!

I said … “let’s sit together”
‘LISTEN’ as the drops fall down, LOOK again!
This IS beautiful weather!

Flowers, no flower wants to be at home when its raining outside.jpgI find it refreshing to hear those sounds…
As water droplets splash and dance on to the ground.

I think It’s all about our own perspectives
Learning to discern and become more objective!

Flowers wild some say a weed others see a wish.jpg…  These four seasons of weather
Are all needed to flow and recycle around together!

Why does everyone appreciate the summer sun
when rainy days, can also be just as enjoyable and equally as much fun.

There comes a time for raining down.
Then seeds will grow, sprouting up from underground.

All of our grass and trees are turning luscious green,

Now colourful, bright wildflowers can be seen!

flowers welcome spring .jpg

Then what about the birds and bees?
Isn’t this how life regenerates everlastingly?

Victoria Healing ~ 1.9.2016
Perspectives ~ ‘Hey Momma

Rhyme in Verse
Thanks Evolver Social Movement


Flowers, no rain no flowers .jpg

Flowers august showers bring september wildflowers .jpg

Petrichor ~ is ~ that wonderful smell in the air after it’s been raining

rain dancing



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