Forever life

Forever life…

Shark Bay all who wander are not lost.jpgMeeting so many colourful characters, while travelling on the roads.

‘Salt of the earth,’ I’m always waiting to hear their tales, yet, to unfold.


We met an elderly lady at the Caravan Park in ‘Dolphin Bay,’

She was on her ‘forever life’ journey…

Enjoying making many new friends, every day.


A little black poodle named Rocky constantly there at her side;

Her tiny furry companion, sharing precious moments on her extensive Ozzie road tripping ride.


She had told us back at home, emotionally sad, depressed and bleak

On ‘suicide watch,’ isolated, secluded and unhappy, she had there been.

Thank you Soul Reflections

Fearing that she was sitting waiting for her ‘own demise’ to come;

She’d decided to escape in her caravan and for 18 months had now been meandering along.


Having sold her family farm home to travel around…

Now she was feeling happy, active, and content and ‘living’ her life out loud!

Midlife universe not screwing around 21151454_10154917951685686_6493163940955526956_n.jpg
Thank you Life is a Dance


I thought her a brave lady, to be roaming on her own

She said, ‘she had no worries though’, because she never feels alone.


Even though, far away from her luxuries and comforts of life,

She thought that her life was better now, happier, healthier and so much more simple and nice.


No more mortgage, heating bills or expensive land rates

Now she was free and easy, with no debts to substantiate.


We said our goodbyes just like old friends, hoping that we’d meet again…

These are the tribes of people, I’ll always want, to be my best friends.

Freedom intense desire 11953170_499490823552223_7295362325841523398_nVictoria Healing ~ 24.8.2017

Forever Life ~ Hey Momma

21230784_1792313840798387_7914383042521753375_n (1)
Thank you Sheri Ann Wisdom
‘If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change’ ~ 
Taylor Swift
Caravan grass trees indian ocean road.jpg


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