Lightening strikes


Image by Marc Russo Photography
Shot Notes: ‘I photographed this at a historic location called Perrys Paddock, Western Australia


On our travels back home from Exmouth, a lengthy 800km ride,

we stopped in Northampton, at a small but friendly campsite.

A sleepy, quiet, traditional heritage town,

pretty green, scenic landscapes surround.


On arrival, we cooked tea and hot showers we had,

then something happened, that made us feel startled, fearful and really bad.

We heard a loud booming bang and saw an illuminating flash of light,

Thunder, lightening and hailstorms resounded, arriving over our heads for the rest of that night!


Imagining, that we’d all be ‘deep fried’ in our caravan there,

I asked hubby, ‘do I need to stress out or care?’

hubby said “don’t worry, put your mind at rest;

we have rubber tyres on this caravan and our shelter conditions are the best”


That thunder and lightening raged and roared throughout the night.

waiting for the roof to fall in, I stayed awake, in fright.

Wishing that I was home or some place else …

looking out of the window to next door, oh my goodness,

 A… watering ‘Well!’

a soggy tent, was pitched, but sinking outside.

How thankful I was then, that, in a caravan we ride.


Next morning, a saturated couple emerged bedraggled, from their tent door,

with a little dog trailing by their side, they said, ‘they had never seen him before’

The poor dog must have been frightened and in a sorry, startled plight,

so he’d tapped on their tent wall to take shelter in their camp that night.


That kind, caring couple let him sleep with them, all in,

although they hadn’t known where he’d come from or where he’d been.

The moral of this story as you can tell;

is that there is always someone else

worse off than you; be kind to others and live your life well.


Now we are back home after being cooped up, in our small van,

where there was no running hot water, showers or toilets, close at hand.

Making us both appreciate and value, our home comforts and luxuries of life,

but still, our road trips, we enjoy and are always, ever so nice.

Victoria Healing ~ 30.8.2017

Lightening strikes ~ Hey Momma

Northampton (Heritage Town) Western Australia


Caravan no words11885031_993902840651318_8472773754188376533_o.jpg


dogs roxy with hat, will you read me a bedtime story.png
Our furry baby Roxy, loves to travel, but hates thunderstorms 




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