a real account


Thanks to The Road To Me


Hearts, Angels, photoshop and flowers

some i see, will post to profess all, encompassing love,

to strangers on social media,

or perhaps, on the wings of cute pretty coloured doves.


But tell me… where are the real people who have an ‘actual’ life?

simple life style, written and shared, that would be nice!


20953967_2262964263842831_6144767945627119428_n (1).jpg
Courtesy of S C Lourie and Pebbles and Butterflies


Tuning in each day to my Facebook best friends

always interesting, stimulating, exciting, wisdom, real life and then…

reviewing back to memories of years gone before;

reminding me of all, that I am grateful for.


Topsy-turvy, unpredictable for sure

if it weren’t; we wouldn’t be learning any more,

life is untidy, muddled and chaotic,

it’s not always about being luxurious and exotic.


Simple things in life are so much more exciting

plain and unpretentious, unassuming… all inviting.

messages wrapped up, with real life reality,

sharing comments from your own spirit, is more interesting to see.


Make a start, sharing your thoughts.

write from your heart,

dare, as you ought!


Thanks to Sue Fitzmaurice – Author for this message


Victoria Healing ~ 21.8.2017

Create a ‘real’ account ~ Hey Momma


dance reality is up for grabs1429469_952277634793729_7634849538678946630_n.jpg

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

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