I got it!


book with open pages

I’ve got my Facebook “Social Book” today!
wow it is incredibly good…

reminds me of the times
we’ve all played
sharing jokes, having fun
over cyber waves

Sending messages to each other
much laughter
lots to discover
many memories to always treasure

Different perceptions
experiences and thoughts of our lives
written on each page
so meaningful and wise

Sharing some giggles and chuckles,
reflections, political news …

written in between, serious types of views.

Threads of thoughts are scattered
over each page,
all of our comments
how we like to play

to planning road trips along our way



Much to be grateful for
reading  all of these views,
how i love Facebook and making new friends too.

It is clear, that we’re all connected
each and every one,
threads of “like minds” compelling us
having so much fun!

Thank you Facebook

I love my new Book;
thinking of ordering the pages from 2015
to take another look

I’d had lots of housework that i’d set out to do
oh, but look, here is another new friendship book”


37:1 Friendship Forever friends bear hugs 15492376_1338157752872380_3911892845174394753_n.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 21.7.2015
Thank YOU ~ Hey Momma

Rhyme in Verse
Joy to action


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