Arctic Strike


Polar bears common sense is not so common11703111_794334474014126_568165956686276083_n


Circles of Arctic life

Oh dear Mr Polar Bear,
what can we do?

Those Shell oil men will be there very soon,
To make a well and drill plenty more too.

Your Babies were safely, tucked underground,
now, the oil executives will be coming around.
They want to destroy your home sanctuary and compound!

What can we do?
Just sit back and let them win …

Your future is already threatened by the ice caps melting.

Global warming was the first sign,
that our earth is destroying itself
way before time.

It’s all about the money, I’m sorry to say…

Even though we have Solar, as Mr Tesla proved,
the oilmen won’t go away, they are out for some more loot.

The war on smoking guns that had started in Iran,

now they’re attacking you, to carry their wealthy oil can.

Could we replace you?
Not in a million years …

Next they’ll be trading your beautiful white furs.


Victoria Healing ~ 1.7.2015

Arctic Strikes



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